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The Civil Rights Movement

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March on Washiington

March on Washington

Push to hear a portion of Dr. Martin Luther King's "free at last" speech

Push to hear Malcom X's response to King


Civil Rights Newsroom Civilrights.org

Brown v. Board of Education Interactive site

African American Odyssey: A Quest For Full Citizenship exhibit Library of Congress

Civil Rights exhibit Library of Congress

Civil Rights Crossword

Timeline of Modern Civil Rights Movement Information Please

Civil Rights Oral History Bibliography Mississippi Department of History & Archives - photos and interviews

Powerful Days - the Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore

Voices of the Civil Rights Era - audio clips

The Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Montgomery Bus Boycott North Park University

Plessy v. Ferguson North Park University - explanation of the Supreme Court case which held that segregation was constitutional

Brown v. Board of Education North Park University - explanation of the case which found segregated schools unconstitutional and overruled Plessy v. Ferguson

Martin Luther King Jr. Project Stanford University - comprehensive site including papers, speeches, biography, autobiography, sermons, and chronology 

Martin Luther King Jr. A Historical Examination

Martin Luther King Web: A Teacher's Guide

Civil Rights Audio and Video Earthstation 1 some images and audio recordings of civil rights leaders

National Civil Rights Museum

Civil Rights Hanover College texts

We Shall Overcome Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement National Park Services Exhibit

Civil Rights Primary Sources Longman American History Online

Powerful Days in Black & White Photographs of the Civil Rights movement by photojournalist Charles Moore

"Six Dead After Church Bombing" Washington Post

Rosa Parks Hall of Public Service - profile & interview

Civil Rights Timeline