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Romani deported

Romani  who have been rounded up for deportation 

Before the Nazis came to power the Sinti and Roma suffered discrimination in Germany. The German word for Gypsy, Zigeuner, is derived from a root which means "untouchable." They had  limited legal rights. Even under the Weimar Republic, when Romani received full citizenship rights for the first time, there was routine discrimination. Arbitrary arrest and preventative detention was commonplace.

When the Nazis came to power, the Romani  were included as "asocials"  under the law and were included with Jews and the handicapped in the early discriminatory laws. 

Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws For the Protection of German Blood, the Romani  were classified with Jews and Blacks as racially distinctive minorities with "alien" blood. As a result of these laws they were systematically deprived of their civil rights. 


Part of the Romani Genocide exhibit