Incan Creation Myth

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Creation Myth of the Incas 1556
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Written after the fall of the Incan Empire

Thus our imperial city came into existence, and was divided into two halves: Hanan-Cuzco, or Upper-Cuzco, and Hurin-Cuzco, or Lower-Cuzco. Hanan-Cuzco was founded by our king and Hurin-Cuzco by our queen, and that is why the two parts were given these names, without the inhabitants of one possessing any superiority over those of the other, but simply to recall the fact that certain of them had been originally brought together by the king, and certain others by the queen. There existed only one single difference between them, ... that the inhabitants of Upper-Cuzco were to be considered as the elders ... for the reason that those from above had been brought together by the male, and those below by the female element.

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