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South Africa had the first concentration camp

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Bitter Union: The Story of South Africa Exhibit

The First Concentration Camp


The Yoruba Exhibit

South Africa History Books


Bitter Union: the Story of South Africa

A HistoryWiz exhibit by Jennifer Brainard

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one of the Lydenburg heads, the earliest known sculpture in South Africa

a poster protesting Apartheid


South Africa Annenburg Exhibit

African National Congress Homepage

South African Museum

The Africa Sourcebook - a terrific collection of primary source materials on African history

Black Power Newsweek - a 1994 article describing the transition to multiracial democracy

Nelson Mandela ANC - biography, speeches, posters, writings

Nelson Mandela Facts on File

Excerpts From Long Walk to Freedom autobiography of Nelson Mandela

South Africa - Annenberg Exhibit - an excellent resource on South African history

Indians in South Africa National History Day

South Africa Facts on File

The History of Apartheid in South Africa Stanford University

South Africa Arts, Culture and Heritage South Africa Arts, Culture, Science and Technology - the history section

Anglo Boer War Virtual Museum information and photographs

Anglo Zulu War overview by Zulu historian Ian Knight

F.W. de Klerk Facts on File

South Africa Reborn PBS NewsHour report 1998

ANC Statement to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Timeline of South African Apartheid

Human Rights Historical Images of Apartheid in South Africa UN Site

Nelson Mandela's Long Walk PBS Frontline Teacher's Guide