The Domesday Book

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Edric of Laxfield held Dunwich in the time of King Edward [before 1066] as one manor; now Robert Malet holds it. Then [there were] 2 carucates of land [one carucate equals 120 acres], [but] now one; the sea carried off the other. Always one plough in lordship. Then 12 bordars [peasants], now 2 and 24 Frenchmen [French settlers who were free men] with 40 acres of land, and they pay all customary dues to this manor. Then 120 burgesses [holders of land or a house], now 236; and 180 less two poor men. Then one church, now 3 and they pay £4 and 10 shillings. In total, the value is £50 and 60,000 herrings as a gift. In the time of King Edward it paid £10. Also Robert de Vaux holds one acre of land, value 8 pence. And Norman holds one acre, value 2 shillings and 8 pence and Godric one acre, value 8 pence, and he holds this from Robert Malet. Gilbert Blunt holds 80 men from the same Robert and pays £4 and 8,000 herrings.

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Domesday Book entry for Dunwich, c.1085-6


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