The Throne Room at Knossos

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The "Throne Room"at the Palace of Knossos

the "Throne of Minos"

There were two exits from the Throne Room. One led to a set of nine rooms and the other to storage rooms. Two of these had vaults in the floor. The Throne Room and the the rooms leading off it appear to be a distinct unit.

The main shrine may have been in what is now called the Throne Room, with the throne being used by a priestess rather than a King as Evans imagined. The throne was found at the site and is probably the oldest known throne in Europe.

Stone benches run around three of its walls with a space in the center of the north wall to accommodate the throne.

On the wall behind the throne are wall paintings which show griffins, mythical animals with a lion's head and an eagle's head. The door in the west wall led into the Inner Sanctuary.

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