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United States Civil War

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American Civil Rights Movement

The Slave

Slavery and the French Revolution

The Boston Slave Riot

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Recommended Books on Slavery

Recommended Books on the Civil Rights Movement


"O, let America be America again-- The land that never has been yet-- And yet must be--the land where every man is free. The land that's mine--the poor man's, Indian's, Negro's, ME-- Who made America, Whose sweat and blood, whose faith and pain, Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain, Must bring back our mighty dream again.

Langston Hughes


Slavery in the Roman Republic Ancient History Sourcebook - the conduct and treatment of slaves as seen through Roman comedy

Roman Slavery Dr. Greg Thalmann

Roman Slavery Patrick Sheridan Miami University

Slavery in the Roman Empire: Numbers and Origins John Madden Dublin University 

Spartacus and a Decline in Slavery Antiquity Online - good discussion of slavery at the end of the Republic

Documents on Greek Slavery Ancient History Sourcebook Fordham Uniersity - primary sources

Primary Documents Relating to Slavery Duke University - extensive collection

Slavery in Egypt Egyptvoyager - short segment

Slavery in Egypt Odyssey Online Emory University- another short segment

History of Slavery 1619-1789 Holt House

History of Slavery 1790-1829 Holt House

History of Slavery 1830-end Holt House

Slavery Modern History Internet Sourcebook - primary documents

Black Resistance: Slavery in the United States Afro-Americ@'s Black History Museum includes Africa to America, There Were No Docile Slaves, Women Resisted, and Chronology of Revolts

Englishmen's Rights and African Slavery Jamestown Colony - slavery in Jamestown

Middle Passage Pictorial

Timeline of the Atlantic Slave Trade Mystic Seaport Museum

Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 agreement between the United States and Great Britain  to suppress the slave trade - Avalon Project Yale University

Africans in America PBS - companion site to the PBS series - narrative and maps

Abolition Exhibit Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson on Slavery Afro-American Almanac - text excerpts

Benjamin Franklin's Letter to Congress  Afro-American Almanac - text of his letter urging abolition of slavery

African Slavery in America Newspaper article by Thomas Paine written in 1774 urging abolition

The African-American, a Journey from Slavery to Freedom Schwartz Memorial Library - an excellent exhibit  - Long Island University

Colonization of Liberia Library of Congress exhibit about the African country established by freed American slaves - includes Maps of Liberia 1830-1870

Statutes of the United States on Slavery Avalon Project Yale University

The Peculiar Institution exhibit Library of Congress

Third Person, First Person Duke University - exhibit on slavery, includes primary documents

Dred Scott v. John Sanford  text of the Supreme Court decision from Touro Law Center

Langston Hughes on Slavery "Let America be America Again" - poem on slavery

Abraham Lincoln's Speech on the Dred Scott Decision Founder's Library

Slavery electronic texts Hanover University

The African American Odyssey exhibit Library of Congress; extensive exhibit on slavery. Parts of the exhibits include Slavery, the Peculiar Institution, Free Blacks in the Antebellum Period, Abolition, the Civil War, and later periods in African American History

Statistics on Slavery

Frederick Douglass American Visionaries

African American Heritage in the Golden Crescent National Park Services Exhibit

Emancipation Proclamation Exhibit National Library

First Person Narratives of the American South 1860-1920 University of North Carolina

American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology University of Virginia

Slave Trade Statistics

Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842 agreement between the United States and Great Britain  to suppress the slave trade - Avalon Project Yale University

Timeline of African Slave Revolts the Afrocentric Experience

Slavery Bibliography compiled by Steven Mintz

Thomas Paine on Slavery - "African Slavery in America" 1775

The Amistad Research Center

The Amistad Case and its Consequences in American History by Clifford Johnson

The Amistad Trials Douglas Linder, Famous American Trials - a site which explains the Amistad trials

The Amistad Case the text of the Supreme Court Decision

The Amistad Case National Portrait Gallery - information and portraits of the figures involved in the case

The Amistad National Archives -primary documents relevant to the incident

The Amistad Case in Fact and Film Eric Foner, Columbia University - a historical analysis of the film

Curriculum for Studying the Amistad incident Mystic Seaport Museum

Exploring the Amistad Revolt Mystic Seaport Museum

Freedmen and Southern Society Project  University of Maryland - a documentary history of emancipation

Underground Railroad Menare Foundation - history, primary documents and information on conducting research

Underground Railroad National Geographic - great multimedia exhibit

Electronic Texts

Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Narrative of Sojourner Truth

Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington

The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano

My Escape From Slavery by Frederick Douglas Afro-American Almanac complete text of this classic first-hand account of slavery